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I do not claim or guarantee that my programs and/or services are the ideal solution for everyone, or that everyone who works with me will achieve success beyond their wildest imaginings.

Signing up for a program per se does not necessarily solve your problem. What it does though, is to give you tools and support to start changing the thinking, attitudes, and actions that have contributed to the problem.

Signing up for a program is the first step. After that comes the follow-through, which is the hardest part for most people: following the program, doing the steps asked of you, staying on track, asking for help, refining and adjusting as you go.

So before you sign up, take a moment to be certain that this is something you want for yourself (not something someone else wants you to do), and that you are prepared to commit your Time, Energy, Money and Focus to it.

Next to having a clear goal, your commitment is your best guarantee of a positive outcome.

Career Coaching and Mentoring Programs

EQ Accelerator for Introverts at Work / in Business

  • Find out what your emotional intelligence score is, what it means, and which competencies are your strongest vs. weakest
  • Includes your 40-page Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile Report
  • Includes a 2-hour unpacking session where we will use your results to create a blueprint for action to transform and uplevel your communication and relationships in the next 90 days

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“THE QUIET WARRIOR”: Private Coaching for the Introvert Aspiring to the Next Level in Career/Business*

  • Work with me one-on-one to …
    • Clear negative beliefs that are limiting your joy and restricting your ability to be your quietly powerful self in a noisy marketplace
    • Install new, empowering beliefs that will support you in your personal and professional life to be more positive, resilient, and in tune with your values and beliefs
    • Get clarity around your purpose, vision, and values — so you know what to focus on and what you really want from your life and career, instead of feeling conflicted and overwhelmed by what others say you “should” be doing
    • Feel confident and peaceful in your spirit that you are on the right path at this time

*By Application Only

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Where are you in your career journey?

If you are an introverted professional over 35 in search of alternative career options that will use your skills, strengths, passions and work experience in new and fulfilling ways, booking a Career Clarity Call is your first stop.

What others have gained from the Career Clarity Call:

  • Honour unspoken dreams and desires that they have kept secret all these years
  • Re-evaluate and adjust priorities and values
  • Ask big questions about what they are here to do for the rest of their lives
  • Get clear about what they want to achieve and what help they need to get there
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