1 January is overhyped

Does it feel like there’s too much pressure to start the year strong and have intentions and goals that sound impressive to others, because it’s, well, 1st January?

I’m here to tell you, it’s okay to set your own pace.

Stay in your lane, and resist the urge to keep checking out what other drivers are doing in theirs.

Take time to get really intimate with your own strengths and preferences, what makes you glow, what energises and excites you, what problems you feel impassioned about solving.

Focus on how you want to feel looking back on this day in 12 months’ time (e.g. proud, grateful, like a conqueror), and use those positive emotions to keep you moving forward each day.

If you are an #introvert, honour your need for #quiettime to balance out the energy you invest in social interaction and business networking.

Work to your own drum beat.

Here’s to an amazing 2021.