Are You Being an MVP In Your Workplace?


soccer players team group celebrating the victory and become champion of game while holding win coup

In sport, the Most Valuable Player award goes to the sportsperson who performs best in a game. Here in Australia, we call it “Best and Fairest”. It is a great honour to receive the MVP accolade as it means fans and followers of your sport recognize you as the person who has contributed in an outstanding way to the atmosphere and outcome of a game, not just through the number of goals you personally scored, but also your attitude and attributes.

At work too, we have the opportunity to be an MVP.

Think about how you show up to work daily.

Is your grooming impeccable? Are you careful in speech? Are you punctual? Do you show courtesy and consideration towards others?

Are you respectful of boundaries, and knowledgeable about the constraints of policy and procedure within which you operate?

Do you over-deliver and under-promise?

Do you see yourself as part of a team and value the contributions and ideas of others?

Do you make an effort to share what you know for the benefit of others, and mentor those who are junior to you?

As you apply your mind and your creativity to your workplace, you will discover new ways to be of service to others, to produce results that tenable your organisation to fulfill its mission, and to show up as that outstanding individual that everyone looks up to, who is known for excellence and reliability. There is always some place we can improve in.

Be an MVP.