Hosting Tips for Introverted Facilitators

As a facilitator of quiet conversations and creator of introvert-friendly communities, one of my activities is organizing Meetups and bringing people together who identify as introverted, shy, quiet achiever, or highly sensitive.

When playing host, I make sure to:

  • Move around and speak to everyone as far as possible
  • Keep an eye out for the ones who appear anxious or intimidated
  • Ensure everyone is included in conversations or has a buddy to talk with.

I get asked about this aspect very often, because this social side of me seems to conflict with the stereotypical perception of how an introvert behaves.

“How do you do this as an introvert?”

What I’m learning is (and I intentionally use the present continuous tense because this is an ongoing journey of learning and growing) —

When you operate from your place of passion, your core, the essence of who you are, your purpose in life, you will always find the energy for it.

As an introvert, it is vital to know when to project my energy outwards, and when to seek stillness and solitude to replenish that energy.

This is a constant dance – putting out energy vs. conserving energy, going all out vs. withdrawing, being exuberant, enthusiastic and engaged vs. sitting in stillness.