If not now, then when?

When I first started trying to define my ‘brand’, I got really conflicted.

Part of me wanted to talk about midlife career change, because I’ve been through it and have a story to share that could help some people.

Another part of me wanted to talk about all things introvert – how to overcome the challenges of feeling shy, anxious, lacking in confidence, not wanting to be in the spotlight, not wanting to network, sell, or self-promote.

How to reconcile the two under a meaningful umbrella?

A week ago, I decided to just start posting about introvert topics on my FB business page.

To my surprise, I started getting into a rhythm.

Every day, I found something new to offer.

One post received 11 likes and a phone enquiry.

I certainly didn’t expect it.

As anyone in internet marketing knows, you have no control over how people respond to your social media posts.

Some days there are responses.

Some days all you get is crickets.

But to honour my journey and my story and the prospective clients who are seeking hope and solutions, I have an obligation to keep showing up and sharing what I know and what I’ve experienced.

To stop holding back and worrying “What if they don’t resonate?” or “What if there’s no response?”

To focus on what I do have control over.

To focus on my message.

To focus on my values, one of which is Service.

And to trust God to work out the tiny details that make up the beautiful whole.

I have stopped holding back until I am perfect, or until I feel qualified enough, or until I have all the answers.

I have tried that, and it brought me no joy, only an endless sense of “not enough”, while costing me time and missed opportunities to be a blessing to someone.

My mantra reminds me of the frailty and unpredictability of life, and urges me to seize and revel in the Now …

Hence “If not now, then when?”

Tomorrow is guaranteed to no one.

Start living and creating your best life, your best year ever, TODAY.

Need help? Ask me how.