“Introvert” is a label, not a liability

Labels have energy.

It all depends on the meaning we attach to them.

We may proclaim a label with pride, or wear them sheepishly, as though we have something to apologize for.

If you are any flavour of quiet, shy, reserved, sensitive, the introvert label may be one that makes you wince, especially when your workplace is dominated by more energetic and extroverted peers who find it easy to attract attention and garner support for their ideas and views.

What if it is possible to find a way to stay emotionally neutral about the label – to acknowledge that this is how you are, but this is not ALL you are.

Just as only the tip of an iceberg is visible to an approaching ship, your introverted temperament signals to others how you prefer to communicate and interact, but it says nothing of your hidden depths: your talents, strengths, insight, value, and worth.

Rejoice in what lies within – keep refining it – and get ready to sparkle at the right time and before the right audience.

Note: First posted on LinkedIn on 26 August 2020.