Introvert Struggles: The Introvert and Zoom

Who else mutes themselves and turns their video camera off when attending a Zoom meeting?

I know I do, especially when there’s a large group attending, or when it’s a presentation in listen-only mode, and all I have to do is take notes (hurray!).

However, lately I’ve been reflecting on how I can lift my game as an introverted participant in a Zoom meeting.

For starters, I can turn on my video camera and allow myself to be seen.

The fear of visibility is one that holds many introverts back when promoting their businesses, and a small step towards getting comfortable is by repeated small exposures in a safe setting.

I can unmute myself to contribute an idea or an insight.

Getting used to inserting myself into a discussion and having others respond to my input is a way to grow my courage and visibility.

I can facilitate a small group discussion and practise being the one who asks questions, guides the conversation, and gives fellow introverts a safe space to practise speaking up.

This I have been doing actively in my Meetup community for the past 3 years, and I can attest that it has helped me grow enormously in self-confidence and clarity.

How we show up online is a metaphor for how we show up in life.

We always have a choice – to play it safe, or to play all out.