New podcast for introverts

I’m happy to share that I launched The Quiet Warrior Podcast on 1 August 2022.


It’s about introversion – the myths and stereotypes, the many facets of introverts and the ways it shows up at school, at work, in relationships, in social situations, and how this is perceived and received by others.

It’s also about what it means to venture outside the label of “introvert”, to not be held back from achieving our dreams and goals because “I am an introvert”.


The title is inspired by the archetype I evolved during my 7 years of martial arts training.

I went from completely unfit and clueless newbie (having started at 42 with no prior background in martial arts and a deep dread of sports) to qualifying for my green belt (which marked the end of my novice status and the start of intermediate).

The journey helped me profoundly – over time, I noticed that I was subtly changing; the way I walked and talked … the way I carried myself … the way I handled adversity and conflict.

I am convinced that we introverts are so much more than quiet achievers.

This short time on earth is also about evolving to become the person who can —

  • Speak up when there is a real need, including advocating for others (vs. “I’m not good at talking and I don’t know what to say”)
  • Do hard things and uncomfortable things (vs. “It’s too hard, I’m not smart enough, others do it better, what’s the point of trying?”).
  • Link arms with allies and community, ask for help, and collaborate for a worthy cause (vs. “I have to do everything by myself”).
  • Rise up and make a quiet but powerful difference (vs. “Who am I to…?”).
  • Bring all the wisdom, intuition, deep listening skills, sensitivity, and a calming presence when nerves and tempers fray (vs. “I should just keep my mouth shut and not rock the boat”).

There is much more I’ll be exploring in the podcast, so whether you’re an introvert (which studies say could account for up to 50% of the population), extrovert or ambivert, or work with introverts or have an introverted family member, we can all benefit from a little more understanding and awareness – and how to be the best human being we can be – regardless of our label.

I invite you to add my podcast to your playlist, and if you enjoy the content, do share it on your social media channels so your friends can learn too.