Welcome to The Quiet Warrior Podcast – a place for introverts, highly sensitive souls, empaths, and quiet achievers to grow into Quiet Warriors.

Why “Quiet Warrior”?

Because being quiet by nature should not be a barrier (or excuse) when there’s a pressing need that requires us to be a warrior: to speak, act, lead, and galvanise others for a cause.

I think back to all the times I failed to speak up because of a fear of offending, not knowing when was the right time to speak, fear of looking stupid … and how many opportunities I missed to do the right thing or help someone else who was even more timid than I was.

Our quiet strengths – active listening, being fully present in conversations, the ability to form intimate connections and hold deep and meaningful conversations, your conscientiousness and attention to detail, and the way you articulate your thoughts and opinions with intelligence and consideration – are amazing gifts and have the power to unlock so much good.

Let’s get good at using them to bring strength, encouragement, hope, and positive change.

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