• If you’ve been feeling restless of late, even though things are going well externally…
  • If you’ve been asking yourself “Is this all there is?”…
  • If you are at a career crossroads and are ready to explore your options…
  • If you have enjoyed a successful career for the past 15-20 years and now want to do something different that inspires and captivates you and enables you to use your God-given talents in the service of others …

it’s time to heed your inner voice, and to take your deepest desires and aspirations as seriously as you have taken your professional and educational attainments.

Your background, life experiences, your story of struggle and adversity and the personal milestones you’ve achieved, your professional skills and qualifications – all these are the ready ingredients that you can use to REINVENT yourself as a professional who does work that –

  • Stimulates, nurtures and nourishes you
  • Enables you to fulfill your highest purpose and to express yourself fully, joyously, and wholeheartedly, and
  • Is meaningful to you and in tune with your spiritual values and beliefs.

If you could have all that, how would it feel?

How would it change the way you feel about your work?

What would now be possible?

Apply for a “Career Clarity Audit”

My 30-minute CAREER CLARITY AUDIT is the first step for you if you are a serious and motivated man or woman in your forties who is transitioning from a professional background into a new venture that will allow you to use your skills, experience, gifts and talents in a more meaningful and fulfilling way. At the end of the Career Clarity Audit, you will get abundantly clear on what you are driven by, what is in your way, and feel confident and equipped to script your new career path in a way that inspires you and keeps you excited.

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