When being positive is not enough

If you have managed to stay sane all through March 2020, I commend you.

My business is to encourage and empower others, and I do my best to self-regulate so I can show up at my best.

But in the last 3 weeks, I feel as though my sense of certainty and control and even what I know and believe, have been slowly but surely eroded.

I am sure I’m not alone.

So I gave in: sleeplessness fuelled by negative thinking, emotional eating, thoughts of despair and hopelessness, waking up and not knowing what day of the week it is, staring at the computer screen and feeling overwhelmed by the pointlessness of it all.

That ended a week ago.

In the middle of doing something, I felt inspired to create a virtual Meetup for my community of introverts in business.

It’s now part of my business contingency plan moving forward.

A fellow coach invited me to do a video recording on emotional intelligence for her community.

I said yes (then panicked and stressed about the technical side of things).

I ramped up my morning walk from 5x a week to 7, so by 31st March the number on my fitness app should also be 31. (It’s currently 29 – nearly there!)

As Ramit Sethi says, make a plan and MOVE.

I don’t know what the next 4 weeks will bring, but I hope to become a better person by allowing this time of change and self-isolation to shape and refine me.

May Good Friday see the passing of all that is evil, divisive, unkind, and life-draining, and Easter Sunday resurrect all that is good, pure, wholesome, and abundant.

May Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.