Who’s in your Inner Circle?

As we progress into the sixth week of the iso life, I am ever grateful for my Inner Circle for their support, encouragement, and prayers.

Last night, I was reminded of the power of an Inner Circle when a member said she looked forward to the weekly Zoom calls to keep her faith strong.

Tonight after a call with my Inner Circle back home, I say Amen to that.

Without the unconditional love and prayers of people who have known me in my lowest moments and seen me in my unguarded times of vulnerability and imperfection, I do not know who I would be.

It is knowing that there are wonderful, compassionate, principled people at my back that keeps me grounded when I’m adrift.

Both in my personal and professional spheres, it is heartening to know that I do not walk alone.

I wish the same blessing and support for you.

Do you have an Inner Circle?

If not, is it time to create one for yourself?