You deserve to heal

We are told to get over the things that upset us when we were young — grow up, move on, stop ruminating, let the past be past.

Sometimes though, the things that were said (or unsaid), the love we did not receive, the abuse or neglect (though unintentional), stay stubbornly embedded just below our level of consciousness.

So on the surface, we can lead functional lives and have successful careers and relationships.

But simmering underneath is a build-up of toxic thoughts, beliefs and stories we have told ourselves or that were fed to us or that we were led to believe, and they continue to play out in all kinds of self-sabotaging ways.

Rebelling at work by doing just enough to get by or performing beneath our potential so we can’t get promoted.

Shrinking from opportunities to promote our business, our book, our services.

Repeatedly getting into relationships that go nowhere.

Feeling unworthy of success so we never try for anything beyond our comfort zone.

Procrastinating on making the lifestyle changes we know we need to have optimal health.

Telling ourselves we will go for our dream business/career when the time is right, the kids don’t need us, we have the finances…

This can go on for years.


There comes a time when the pain of compromising our self-integrity and never getting to experience life the way we want, becomes greater than our fear of judgment and fear of failure.

It’s time to be the detective of your past, to delve – within a safe, supported container – into the mysteries of why you continually block your own potential and opportunities for change.

You deserve to heal.

To know that you are loved.

To know that you are enough as you are.

And to know – without a doubt – that you deserve to have your dreams and desires come true, to turn your mourning into dancing and your sorrows into joy.