s_010web-1At 35, Serena Low said goodbye to 11 years as a government lawyer, and set out to find an answer to the question that refused to go away: “Is this all there is?

In her quest for direction and a fresh purpose, she discovered the transforming power of personal development when used in combination with integrity, wisdom and intentionality, and how it can help the demotivated, dissatisfied and stressed-out professional find their way and flourish again.

In between writing, coaching, dreaming up new projects, and keeping up with her children, Serena upgrades herself by reading widely, attending courses, and being mentored by inspiring thought leaders who are authorities in their fields, so she can continue to offer the most current, relevant, and useful resources to clients.

With 11 years of legal experience enhanced by additional qualifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, archetypes, social and emotional intelligence, and coaching, Serena is on a mission to help midlife professionals get powerfully clear on their purpose and message — ready for the best years ahead.

Serena works with midlife career professionals and introverted business owners to deliver strategies that transform, teach resilience, encourage perseverance, and supports her clients emotionally to achieve outcomes that are in harmony with who they are becoming.

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