What Clients Say

I have really enjoyed my healing journey with Serena. She has a way of making you feel like you have stepped into a sacred space that is all about you and your journey. I felt comfortable and had complete trust in allowing Serena to guide me to where I needed to go to uncover the limiting beliefs that have been holding me back. Serena has a really gentle, kind and nurturing nature and I felt so incredibly understood. 

Cassandra Lang

I approached Serena to help me with mentoring my daughter who is diagnosed with High-functioning Autism and Anxiety. I needed a mentor/life coach to be able to guide my daughter through her challenges so that she is able to function socially. Serena listened with empathy and patience. She mapped out strategies to help my daughter to achieve her goals and priorities. As a result of Serena’s coaching and mentoring, she is now more confident to express her thoughts, speak to people whom she meets for the first time, give a speech when she is required to do so, and able to self-regulate her emotions using effective strategies suited to her needs. I highly recommend Serena for her empathy, compassion, knowledge, patience, willingness to be flexible and open. Thank you Serena!

Adelyn T.

My experience with Serena has always been wonderful. I really appreciate her authentic and non-judgemental approach to coaching and group facilitation that always brings out the best in me. Serena has excellent listening skills that leave me feeling seen and heard every time I interact with her. Serena’s gentle and introverted nature puts me at ease in her presence and I would highly recommend Serena’s groups and trauma-informed coaching services to others.

Tahna Leader

I had 2 amazing Root Cause Therapy sessions with Serena and they were transformational for me. Serena has such a beautiful soul and I felt so safe with her, she also held a sacred space for me in such a professional manner, that it allowed me to delve down deep into those most vulnerable parts of myself that I needed to transform and heal. I feel so blessed and honoured that she has been a part of my sacred journey towards becoming my higher self.

Maria Loper

Where are you in your career journey?

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What others have gained from the Career Clarity Call:

  • Honour unspoken dreams and desires that they have kept secret all these years
  • Re-evaluate and adjust priorities and values
  • Ask big questions about what they are here to do for the rest of their lives
  • Get clear about what they want to achieve and what help they need to get there
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