5 Lessons 2021 Taught Me

At this time of year, I love reading my favourite influencers’ top 5 lessons and reflections, and using them as prompts to frame my own reflections.

I love being curious about how successful people ‘do it’:

  • Why did they choose this to highlight?
  • What did they do that I can emulate or learn from?
  • Do I agree / disagree with their reasoning?
  • How is their approach interesting / intriguing / refreshing / different from the norm?

Here are my top 5.

  1. Detach emotionally from the outcome I desire.

    Focussing on what I “want” signals to the universe that I am lacking that thing, and attracts more of what I don’t have.

    Letting go, staying emotionally neutral (it’s okay if I get it, and okay if I don’t), surrendering to divine timing and trusting God to handle the details for my highest good is how I want to operate in 2022.

  2. Show up authentically as myself without apologizing or shrinking.

    Stop fearing others’ opinions, expectations and judgment of who I am, what I do, and how I do it.

    Their negativity need not taint my energy.

    As Brendon Burchard put it,

    “The more that negative energy pervades your life, the less you are in tune with the life you desire.”

    I am proud of who I am, what I’ve achieved and overcome, and who I am becoming.

    I don’t need external validation to be confident that I am already a person of worth who deserves love, abundance and success.

    The fact that I exist means I am here for a higher purpose, otherwise God would not have made someone just like me.

  3. Self-love is the foundation of everything I do and say.

    When I operate from a space of “I love myself, like myself, approve of myself, esteem myself and trust my ability to make good decisions”, I can make decisions and execute on them with focus, clarity and integrity, not stopping every moment to seek external validation or constantly going backwards and questioning my own judgment.

  4. When in doubt, return to service.

    This reminder from one of my favourite spiritual coaches Cristina Bold is magnificent!

    “When you doubt success,
    when you doubt yourself,
    always return to service.
    Everything gets clearer, simpler, easier
    when we focus on what we are here for.”

  5. Let it be easy and fun.

    My children constantly remind me that I need to be less serious, less attached to appearances and perfection, and just be myself and HAVE FUN.

    I realize that I am still very much operating in my old (i.e. from childhood) identity of having to be the straight-A student and good child who does things well and does the right thing all the time, because that was the pathway to love, acceptance and approval from authority figures in my life.

    That story is no longer valid – I choose instead to operate from lightness of being, intuition, magic, and divine design.

    I work hard, but not in the sense of being weighed down and worn out or being a martyr to doing.

I am curious: what are your top 5 learnings from 2021?