When you say you need “more clarity”

Been thinking a lot about intentions, resolutions, and what’s my word for the new year.

This one just landed in my consciousness.


A lot of times, when I ask people what they need more of, they say they need more clarity.

They want to know what the next step is.

What’s the process.

What’s the right decision to take.

They want more facts, more evidence, some kind of guarantee that the decision they’re thinking of making is the right one.

But do we really ever know something until we’ve made up our minds one way or another?

Saying yes has consequences.

Saying no or not right now also has consequences.

Not making a decision is also making a decision.

Perhaps what we really need is courage.

Courage to try, even if the outcome is unknown.

Courage to get it wrong the first time.

Courage to experiment and take risks.

Courage to be peaceful with our choices, regardless of outer circumstances and other people’s judgments.