Don’t rehash your old story – do this instead

Ever gone to a gathering of friends or family and there’s that one person whose words you can predict before they even open their mouth, because they say the same thing every time?

That’s a bit like you and me when we rehash our old stories.

  • I can’t be an entrepreneur because no one in my family has ever had a business.
  • I get anxious about public speaking / heights / talking to strangers / selling because when I was 16, so-and-so said…
  • My dad was quiet and shy and avoided taking risks – I guess I’m the same.

Your life is not over just because something happened way back when — it is the meaning you give to the incident that matters.

Instead of rehashing all the “reasons” why you can’t be more or do more, take charge of your narrative.

Write a new chapter — and imbue it with all the courage, imagination, vision, and passion that is in you.