Giving and receiving feedback without overthinking

In the early years of my career, the word “feedback” was high on my list of least favourite words for a few reasons.

It usually referred to negative (but disguised as constructive) comments about someone’s performance or personality traits.

Asking for customer feedback felt more like ticking a box rather than a genuine act of caring.

More feedback meant more work for everyone, often involving finger-pointing, fault-finding, and blame games.

I got tired of hearing people cheerful quote “feedback is the breakfast of champions” and “there is no failure, only feedback”.

More recently, I have started to explore other facets of feedback: particularly from the point of view of the person gathering that feedback to be a better business owner / service provider, and the overthinker who sees replying to surveys and leaving online reviews as adding one more thing to an already overloaded schedule.

Listen in. 💜

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