How do I get anything done when everything is so uncertain?

What if you’ve tried everything the experts said to do, and you still can’t get out of the mental fog induced by the Covid-19 pandemic?

You’re exercising daily.

You’re keeping up with friends and loved ones using Zoom and FaceTime.

You’ve tried to structure your day and set work-life boundaries to maintain the fiction that life is normal.

You’re reading all the books you didn’t have time to read.

You’re journalling and meditating and limiting your time on social media.

So why do you still feel unsettled and unmotivated?

Why does it feel like life has ground to a halt and you’ve lost all the momentum you worked so hard to attain just before life went into lockdown?

Goals feel pointless.

The things that felt worthwhile pursuing at the start of March … well, is there any point now?

The creative projects and inspired ideas … the new skills you wanted to learn … is this the time?

How long more will this go on?

Is there an end date so you can plan and allocate your resources intelligently?

What should you start?

What should you continue working on?

And most important of all, what should you stop working on and walk away from?

Trying to live by the same rules as your pre-pandemic life is exhausting and confusing.

I have no solution or advice, because I am going through it too, and even if I found a way through, it doesn’t mean my way will work for you.

Whatever you are doing to cope, I wish you well, I hope it works for you, and I pray that when this is all over, we can all look forward to better things ahead for everyone.