How fulfilled are you in your career?

According to Brendon Burchard, a great way to assess your professional situation in 2022 is to ask these 3 vital questions which are part of his Fulfillment Model.

Note he does not say Success Model, because success and fulfillment are not necessarily the same thing.

1. Creative Expression – What do you love creating or expressing that makes you feel good?

For instance, I love expressing myself through words and music.

Writing makes me feel good.

When creative inspiration takes hold, I lose sense of time and enter into a time of awe, wonder and excitement.

2. Contribution – Do you feel that what you are doing has a meaningful impact on the people you care about?

Back when I was a government lawyer, one of my personal frustrations was feeling that my work did not meaningfully contribute to the greater good.

I felt like an insignificant part of the system, that my role was dispensable, and anyone could do what I did, so it didn’t really matter if it was me doing it or someone else.

On the other hand, what I do now supporting introverts to grow and thrive in a noisy world gives me tremendous joy.

I am proud of my clients’ growth and epiphanies.

I am proud of the community I have created that allows quiet and sensitive souls to feel safe and be themselves.

3. Connection – In the act of doing what you’re doing, are you making friendships?

Instead of saying “I’m an introvert and I can’t make friends”, ask: what can I do to get that outcome?

I am an introvert who creates community so other introverts can connect more easily with others of like vibe.

Playing this facilitator role is one way I foster connection between myself and others, and for others as a whole.