How to find your voice and speak up

Many fellow introverts share that they want to be visible, but fear being in the spotlight.

The fear is understandable and very normal.

How many of us are willing to stand out, be scrutinized, and possibly judged by people who don’t know us well but are quick to make certain assumptions based on our quiet demeanour, tendency to listen more and speak less, and the way we take time to articulate our thoughts?

Putting ourselves out there takes a willingness to be vulnerable, and vulnerability is (to paraphrase Brené Brown) a form of courage.

As an introvert, finding your voice and learning to use it starts with a decision to be courageous.

With time and consistency, hearing your own voice starts to feel

✅ Safe – “It is safe for me to speak.”

Then …

✅ Achievable – “I can speak when I need to.”

And finally …

✅ Effortless – “You want me to deliver a keynote when? No problem. Tell me more.”

If you are feeling tongue-tied, start with the tiniest act of courage that’s just outside your comfort zone, and build from there.

An act of courage could look like:

➡️Thoughtfully commenting on a post (which shows that you not only read the post but put effort into crafting a response that is helpful in some way).

➡️Replying to an influencer’s email (which shows you didn’t just click and delete like many of us do when we are oversubscribed, but took time to read the email and to share your thoughts on what they wrote).

➡️Seeking out community groups where kindred spirits hang out and making genuine connections, so you have a safe space in which to learn how to share your thoughts, opinions, and learnings on issues you care about.

P.S. As a professional migrant woman and/or introvert, what helps you find your voice and speak up?