How to have a great day even when Plan B backfires

How do you respond things don’t go to plan?

Let’s say you’re in charge of hosting an event, and Plan A was to meet in the city at a certain popular café.

Not knowing how many in your group will actually show up, you have not made a reservation.

You arrive and discover the café cannot accommodate your group at short notice.

So you wander down the block to look for an alternative venue.

Voilà! You immediately notice a café with generous outdoor seating.

Now you have to inform all the attendees of the change in location.

But wait!

What if you don’t manage to reach them all because some don’t check their notifications?

What if someone gets inadvertently stranded at the old meeting place?

These are the real headaches of organising live events, and while it’s good to be as prepared as you can be, sometimes you just have to go with the flow and trust that Life will work itself out.

In the end, the people waiting at the old meeting place fall into conversation and discover they are there for the same event, and find the new location together, so they don’t have to wander in alone, looking lost.

The rest receive the notification online and find their way too.

The group conversation flows beautifully, everyone’s needs are attended to, and everyone has a wonderful time.

The next time stuff happens that appears to mess up your best-laid plans, remember:

Life is happening FOR you, not TO you.

Trust the process.

Trust Life.

Trust that you will know what to do in the moment.

Most of all, trust in the One who has all the fine details worked out, even if you don’t.