How To Manage Your Energy As An Introvert (Interview with Susan Weser)

Had so much fun sharing my tips for managing our introvert energy with public speaking skills coach Susan Weser.

We introverts have finite energy reserves, and get drained quickly when faced with too many people or overstimulating environments, so knowing how to conserve your energy while still effectively projecting your presence is critical.

Top 5 most overstimulating environments for introverts?

  • Traditional business networking events
  • Parties
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • When the introvert is the speaker or is being interviewed.

My top tip:

Don’t wait till your battery is flat before you take your leave!

The first few times, it can feel awkward to stand up and announce that it was great meeting everyone, but you’ve got to go, but I guarantee that if you keep at it, the words will flow much more effortlessly.

And by the way, most people take it as a given that somebody will leave early – it’s an accepted social norm – so why not take advantage of this and just leave?

It’s essential that you do not wait till you are drained to muster up the desperation to go, because by then your demeanour and your body language will send the signal that you are feeling anxiety and powerlessness, which is not the vibe you want to send.

Leave while you still have something in the tank.