How to use stories to change your behaviour

Some months ago, a mentor recommended a list of books to help with our understanding of various concepts.

When this particular book first arrived, I balked at its length (over 300 pages) and kept putting off reading it.

I had no difficulty finishing the other six, but this one just felt burdensome.

At some point, I realized that I was the problem.

It was the stories I was telling myself that were in my way —

  • It’s too hard to read,
  • I haven’t got the time,
  • This is so academic a.k.a. boring!

So I course-corrected and told myself a new story —

  • I am a good learner,
  • I am committed, diligent, and disciplined,
  • I apply what I learn and share what I find helpful so others can benefit.

Guess what?


I am currently a third of the way through and discovering gems on almost every page, and so excited about what I’m learning that I’ve even made videos to share with my community on social media.

What new empowering stories can you create to help you leap over your excuses and reasons for not doing what you know you should do, or doing what you know you should stop doing?