Introvert Struggles: Feeling “less than”

Does being an introvert in a culture that seems to value extroverts more make you feel “less than”?

Take time to really know yourself and appreciate that you have some special gifts that the world needs right now.

Your deep listening skills could heal someone’s soul.

Your quiet and calming presence could make someone feel safe to share their struggles and receive the clarity and insight they need to move forward.

Your attention to detail could help someone feel heard and valued.

You are not “less than” because you are an introvert.

That is a limiting narrative and I invite you to rewrite it, now.

You just have to find ways to be “more of” who you naturally are, to notice what lights up your soul, and to create a pathway that connects this with what your clients need most.

A pathway that is energetically self-honouring and sustainable for you.

If you need help to begin claiming your introvert gifts, I would love to support you.

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