Introvert Struggles: Feeling Unheard

One struggle that fellow introverts have shared in our Meetup community is that they often feel unheard.

Some of this has to do with their style of communication. Naturally reticent to start with, they are often uncomfortable in the spotlight, unsure of how to insert themselves into a conversation and start participating.

They may worry that their opinion is not as intellectually convincing as the others being confidently expressed around the table.

They may not even like the sound of their own voice.

The cumulative effect of this negative internal judgment and self-talk is that they sound less than confident when they do speak up.

They project themselves with diluted energy or force, and their valuable input and unique perspective get lost in the clamour of other more assertive (and louder) voices.

So what can an introvert do to be heard?

First, rewrite the limiting thoughts and beliefs you are habitually running in the background browser of your mind. They are keeping you from growing.

Decide to come from a place of possibility and excitement for the future.

Keep practising, refining your communication and taking small steps to show up boldly and honestly.

Don’t hide to blend in.

Show more of who you are.

Be heard.

Be the change.