Is Serena Williams Just Lucky?


(Image from A Mighty Girl’s Facebook page)

How easy it is to look at someone when they have already succeeded, and “conclude” that they are lucky, or blessed, or born with certain advantages.

We do not see the sacrifices, the self-questioning and the sweat that have gone on behind the scenes. We are not there during the in-between times, when success is for others (but not the striver) and the temptation to give up the dream makes so much sense.

Those things are much less interesting and glamorous.

This is why I am much more curious about a person’s internal journey than where they are externally.

What were the events in their lives that have helped define who they are and the choices they made?

What are the stories they tell themselves when bad things happen?

Where do people find impossible reserves of strength, courage, resilience and love?

What makes some people choose self-destruction and others a higher purpose?

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