Lenten Reflections for the Christian Entrepreneur

As we move through the Lenten season towards its culmination in the death and resurrection of Jesus, this is also a good time to pause and consider how our business reflects our values and aspirations as believers.

A Time to Reflect:

In our haste to always be doing, we often forget to take time out for the important things.

Time to reflect.

Time to pause and just be.

Time to be still and know that He is God.

Time to look back on how far we’ve come, and to savour our successes.

Time to give thanks for our blessings – friends, family, professional achievements, the air we breathe, food on the table.

A Time to Reconcile:

Are there dreams and goals that we need to let go because something is telling us that perhaps they are not part of God’s plan for our lives?

Are there relationships we need to work on or lovingly release?

Are there people we need to make peace with compassionately and firmly, knowing that we will never see eye to eye?

Are there old hurts that need healing and forgiveness, from God, from the other person, and from ourselves?

A Time to Renew:

The resurrection story is a story of hope that perseveres against all odds, the power of God over death, and the writing of a new ending to an old story, an ending that no one saw coming but that everyone secretly longed for.

Are we also embracing the power of new beginnings and new opportunities in our relationships, health, finances, and work?

Are we actively looking for new ways to serve, or for more people to serve?

Are we actively partnering with those who share our vision and values, and who have different talents and gifts that can amplify the impact of what we do together?

Are we joyfully and excitedly preparing for victory, believing in God’s provision and enabling, or do we go about our daily routine halfheartedly, with the attitude of “Nothing will change. Why bother?”