Lessons from networking with introverts

What I learned from 4+ hours of networking with fellow introverts today in our Meetup community:

🔥Introverts are great problem solvers.

🔥Introvert does not equal Shy.

🔥The journey of transformation begins with self-awareness. Once we become aware of who we truly are and how we are different and what makes us unique and valuable, there is no going back – the adventure has begun!

🔥Introverts are not antisocial. We are just not energized by small talk and meaningless conversation, preferring depth and quality to talking for the sake of talking.

🔥Once an introvert’s social battery is used up, we need to get away, go home, shut the door, and retreat into our little bubble of silence, solitude and soul-soothing activity. We are not being snooty or rude. We just need to recover our #energy and recharge, so we can emerge refreshed and ready to play and connect.