New podcast episode: Five Keys for Introverts to Succeed without Stress and Lead with Poise

It’s not everyday that I get to interview someone who confesses that they started out as an extrovert, and made a conscious decision to become an introvert.

Join me on Episode 46 of The Quiet Warrior Podcast as I interview “The Introvert Leader” — Terrance Lee — on his journey from extrovert to introvert and quiet leader, the myths and stereotypes surrounding leaders and leadership, the strengths that introverts bring to the workplace, and what managers and leaders can do to encourage their quieter colleagues.

Terrance is the author of The Calm Effect (out soon!) and Quiet Voice Fearless Leader, and I commend his wisdom to all who are quiet leaders in life and work.

With everything going on right now, the world needs more of your calm, thoughtful, and profound contributions.