Reflections on 2018

With the sound of NYE fireworks and cheers of “Happy New Year!” a pleasant memory, here are 5 things I learned in 2018.

1. Do one thing you were afraid to do the year before.

For me, this was incorporating paid events into my Meetup group.

I was terrified people would stop coming, but not only did they not do so, some of my paid events had record attendances simply because of a good match between topic and need.

2. Keep showing up.

You may think no one’s watching – but you’ll be surprised.

Most people will never click “Like” on your post or reach out and have a conversation, but they’re watching your progress all the same.

Some people will wait months or years before reaching out (because that’s how they are), and when they do, you want to be there so you can serve them in their time of need.

3. Implement 10% more than you normally do.

Overthinking is a common challenge faced by introverts.

My motto for the past year has been to act on at least one new idea out of the dozens of ideas that came to me as I networked, mentored, and researched my way through 2018.

Whether it was writing a LinkedIn article or shooting a quick video, I would find a way to record, re-word, pass on the knowledge, and integrate it into my mindset / routine.

4. Prioritize your values and your vision over other people’s approval.

You don’t need permission from someone else to start doing the things you love, or to start living a life of purpose.

Love and honour yourself enough to let your values and vision be your guiding compass, and let your specific daily actions and decisions fall in line with them.

When you are obsessed or fearful about what others think, you are making their agenda a priority over yours.

You are not here by accident.

You have a higher purpose that you are here to fulfill, and that only you can fulfill, because there is only one you.

How humbling and inspiring to know this truth!

5. Keep failing forward.

Every failure can become a valuable lesson and a gift if you are intentional in learning from it.

When you’ve failed enough times, your internal self will become super resilient – and in a strange and marvellous way, even comfortable – with the feelings of humiliation, uncertainty, and fear of judgment.

“Ah yes, this reminds me of that time when I …”

When you realize that you survived that time, and that other time, and so on back over the years, it will dawn on you – I have done this before, I got through it last time (by God’s grace and with the help of others), I will get through it again.

Nothing is as powerful as the revelation that your external troubles cannot shake your internal self-belief and the sovereignty of God over your well being and destiny.

Failing also makes you a more credible person – your stories of stumbling and overcoming will inspire and comfort those who are in a similar situation and wondering if they are the only ones.

If you feel drawn to have a conversation with me about your 2019 aspirations, you can reach me here.

May you have a magical, inspiring 2019.