How to Succeed in Business (Inspirational Tips from a Kpop Boy Band)

Wisdom is everywhere, if you are open.

While watching the press conference by Kpop boy band BTS after winning “Top Social Artist” at the Billboard Music Awards, I picked up three nuggets that are just as relevant in the entertainment industry as they are in business.

Here’s what the boys taught me about what it takes to succeed.

Empathize with your customers and fans.

BTS made their name as the underdogs of the Kpop industry. Their songs resonated with disgruntled teens feeling torn between their own aspirations and the pressures imposed by parental and societal expectations.

When asked how they maintain empathy with fans, they mentioned that they read fan letters and monitor fan comments on social media. They also admitted that trying to convey their stories while maintaining empathy is a “forever homework” for them – meaning an ongoing effort.

As business owners and entrepreneurs, how are we connecting with our customers? What do we do to maintain empathy so they feel that we understand them and their needs, desires, and challenges completely?

Be willing to start small.

When asked about their humble beginnings and past hardships, BTS reminisced about the times they were happy just to have 1,000 followers on Twitter (they now have 6 million), and how they asked each other if they could survive and make a living from their music as the future seemed so insecure.

Most small business owners start the same way – from zero. It’s not a nice place to be, but that’s because we’re coming from a place of ego. Wanting things to be perfect. Wanting the successful outcome without the challenges and hardships and humiliations. Not realizing that it is exactly those things that shape us and mold us into the individuals we need to be.

Perhaps if we shift our focus to feeling grateful for everything – the tiny steps forward as well as the disappointments that put us back at square one – we will learn and grow so much more. We will be more compassionate and forgiving towards ourselves, and expect less of others.

Maintain your quality.

Know what it is you do well in, and continue to do that. BTS acknowledged that their success was due to a consistent output of quality content through their videos, which gave their fans a glimpse into their daily lives and a platform to share their songs.

What do you do well in? What do your customers love about you?

Know what your thing(s) is and keep doing it, seeking a higher level of excellence each time so that your customers will always have something to look forward to.

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