The journey from quiet achiever to Quiet Warrior

Interview with Meenakshi Iyer of NorthStar Solutions and Services on:

  1. How I transitioned from being a lawyer to being a coach for introverts
  2. Limitations of the linear progression myth
  3. Myths about introversion
  4. Introvert superpowers
  5. Can an introvert be a good leader?
  6. The difference between a quiet achiever and a quiet warrior
  7. What advantages do migrant women bring?
  8. How can professional migrant women bring their strengths and transferable skills to the workplace?
  9. Systemic barriers faced by migrant women on the job hunt
  10. Accents, accurate pronunciation of names, and cultural inclusion/intelligence/competence
  11. How to create psychological safety in group conversations and activities
  12. People > Processes + Profits

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