The migrant woman’s journey

Source: / Kevin Malik

The migrant journey is a complex one.

It’s not just about applying for a visa, packing your bags, finding somewhere to live, finding work.

It’s also about making decisions that may or may not work out.

Taking risks.

Letting go.

Saying goodbye (for now? forever?).

Feeling guilty.

Feeling overwhelmed.

Going through the wilderness, the in-between place of feeling like you don’t belong in Country A anymore (because you left), but you also don’t belong in Country B (because you weren’t born there or didn’t grow up there).

Wondering if you’ll find your place in this new world.

Wondering if they’ll like and accept you.

Wondering what’s the right decision to make for yourself and your family (schools, neighbourhood, activities, cultural immersion, staying in touch with your heritage and mother tongue)…

It’s a journey I understand intimately as a migrant woman – and I’m here to extend a welcoming hand if you’re on the journey too.

Here’s how to get in touch if you’re a migrant woman needing extra support and understanding right now.