Tips for Parenting Your Introverted Child

In this episode of The Quiet Warrior podcast, we welcome Tracy Fields, RSW, MSW, a therapist who works with introverted sensitive teens and adults. As an avid follower of Tracy’s work and an introverted parent with introverted children, I decided to ask the questions that I knew other parents would be curious about:

Tracy and Serena discuss:  

  • What it was like growing up as a more quiet child and student. 
  • The discovery of introversion.
  • Tracy’s path to counseling, therapy and social work. 
  • What Tracy loves about her clients and work. 
  • Why introverts sometimes struggle with self-acceptance and self-love. 
  • The challenge introverted parents might face vis-a-vis extrovert parents. 
  • Tracy’s advice for parents of introverted kids and teens. 
  • How to identify when your introverted child needs professional mental health support.
  • How educational institutions can help quieter students feel seen, heard and help them thrive. 
  • The one thing Tracy wished all introverts knew. 

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