What do you value most in the world?

For me right now as an over-50 woman with chronic health conditions, it’s HEALTH.

I know what it’s like to have plenty of energy and vitality and to be able to pursue my passions with vigour.

I also know what it’s like to be unable to think clearly or focus while driving, to misspell words and lose words, to forget things I used to remember without effort, to feel disconnected from my body, and to start questioning my sanity and my cognitive ability.

Recently, I drove my child to school for an exam.

It’s a 45-minute trip each way, and halfway there, I started feeling surreal, like I wasn’t sure if I was in my body anymore.

If you’ve never experienced that, trust me, it’s terrifying. I had to keep talking to myself and ask my child to talk to me all the way there, to ensure we both arrived safely and I didn’t do something appalling like veer out of my lane.

It was as if I was gradually losing control of not only my physical senses but also my ability to control my body and its movements.

It’s not the same thing as driving on autopilot (which my GP assures me many people do).

It was much, much worse.

I still have no answers – my GP reassured me I don’t have dementia (which I wasn’t thinking about to begin with), but said I could see a neurologist if I’m concerned.

One helpful thing I did was to request a blood test.

Turned out my iron levels have dropped to deficient levels again, meaning I’m due for another iron infusion.

Low iron and iron deficiency anemia are known causes of brain fog and fatigue.

So I’m off to book myself in for an iron infusion, and let’s see if my cognitive functioning improves over the next week.

Have a good day.