What’s in a Label?

Do you label yourself?

I am a _________.

I’m terrible at __________.

I am pretty good at ____________.

Labels are double-edged swords.

On the one hand, we clamour: “Stop the labelling! We are so much more than our job title, gender, educational background, personality type.”

On the other hand, labels can be a handy shortcut, a way to help others quickly size you up, and an aid to finding your tribe.

When someone self-identifies as an #introvert, they are saying:

I have a short social battery — don’t expect me to be the life of the party. In fact, I will most likely leave before the party’s over.

I can be chatty and sociable — if I’m comfortable with the people, know them personally, it’s a small group or a 1:1 conversation, and I know what I’m talking about.

I am willing to come out of my shell, try new things, and (even) meet new people — if there’s some way of mitigating the risks. E.g. if the other people are introverts too, I can choose to speak or observe first, and I will not be singled out and asked to say something on the spot.

What labels do you apply to yourself?