When inspiration knocks, how do you answer?

What is your auto response when inspiration comes to visit?

Do you start to overthink…

“That would never work”

“I don’t think I can do it”

“People would laugh / criticise / judge”

Do you talk yourself out of it with all kinds of stories, excuses, and reasons

Or do you say Thank You

While feeling somewhat bewildered and in awe

Knowing this did not come from you but from Someone and some place higher

Recognising that this is a divine opportunity delivered right into your lap.

How will you answer?

This is what I’m practising daily to counter my tendency to hesitate and overthink:

Say Yes, Then Work Out How.

Overthinking leads to overwhelm.

Saying yes signals your commitment to excellence – it declares, “I am all in!”

Trust the unexpected inspiration, the still small voice, the call to adventure.

Everything is unfolding perfectly for your good and the good of others.