When It’s A Not-So-Happy New Year


It is ten days into the new year as I write this.

As an advocate of reinvention, I relish the opportunity to gratefully let go of the year that has passed, and to write a new compelling chapter for the year to come.

But what if all this talk of New Year resolutions, goal setting and planning for the future leaves you cold, or makes you feel inadequate, confused and overwhelmed?

It may be that you’ve grown disconnected from who you are and why you’re here.

So here’s a simple tip to get you reconnected.


All of us have heard The Voice at least once in our lives.

Some of us experience it as a nudge or prompting.

Some of us actually hear a voice telling us what to do or what to avoid doing.

The magic of The Voice is that when we accept it on faith, what it reveals often turns out to be the right thing to do.

We cannot explain it, but we all know what it is.

An over-busy lifestyle can tune it out.

As can having too many options and too much information.

We also tune out The Voice by denying its existence or by refusing to believe that it is worth listening to.

The best way to reclaim the power of The Voice is to simply tune in and listen with our hearts, not our heads.

To trust that the first thought or suggestion that rises to the surface is the right one.

Even when it sounds illogical.

I might add: particularly when it sounds illogical.

That is when our unconscious mind finally gets past the gatekeeper of our conscious mind, and gives us a glimpse of what’s possible beyond our wildest imaginings.

Our conscious mind (what we know or think we know) is like the tip of the iceberg; it represents but a tiny portion of our potential and capability. It is our unconscious mind that is the keeper of our dreams, intuition, imagination, the infinite possibilities of the universe, and the vast realm of all that we do not know and that there is to know.

The next time you feel “meh” or frazzled or stuck, tune in to the still, small voice within.

The Voice may speak to you in a moment of quietness (praying, meditating), or when you’re in the midst of an activity that demands your full focus, creativity and concentration (martial arts, painting, playing the piano).

Be ready to tune in, and to receive the message you need to hear.

Then act on it, and notice what happens.

May your year ahead be full of the magic of trust, faith and divine inspiration.