Why Life Coaching Doesn’t Work For Me

Everything I’ve done, learned, researched and trained in in the personal development space over the past 12 years has its source in me trying to find answers that make sense for me, about me.


Why any talk about my childhood, relationship with my parents, and being a mother, bring up such strong mixed feelings.

Why some people and behaviours trigger me.

Why I am so obsessed with perfection, external validation, accuracy.

Why it bothers me when I’m not as successful as I think I should be.

Why I can’t bear reading stories or watching the news about suffering, war, violence, tragedy.

Why I sometimes get tense in my throat and can’t speak up, or get a tightness in my chest, get short of breath and experience panic attacks, or have such a tight scalp and whether that has contributed to my alopecia areata.

What I’ve learned is that there are so many healing modalities out there – a sumptuous buffet of knowledge and wisdom – and I’ve only scratched the surface.

I have trained in life coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, timeline therapy, archetypes, social and emotional intelligence, and all of these are wonderful tools and resources that I’ve been able to share with my clients.


There is only so much you can do through talk therapy (where you guide your client through a process of asking questions and reframing and talking through their feelings and experiences to clarify their values and beliefs and goals).

Sometimes it feels like we’re only operating from the neck up, which suits the intellectual side of me, but doesn’t satisfy my soul.

My soul wants answers that make sense not in a logical, rational sense, but in a deeper, more meaningful way.

And so as it happens when you are seeking, new teachers appear, and I came upon the work of Dr. Gabor Mate and Bessel van der Kolk (inter alia) and was led to complete a trauma-informed certification.


Not just at the head level, but at the heart and soul level.

To go back into my childhood and even earlier, to reconnect with who I was then, what I saw and heard and felt, and join the dots between certain incidents that have left such a deep imprint that I can trace many of my behaviours, fears, anxieties, and limiting beliefs to them.

Most importantly, to realize that I can finally shift how I felt then, I can release the weight of that heavy emotional baggage I’ve been lugging around unknowingly, and experience a new level of lightness and freedom.

I am so grateful.

My progress in life was linear only up till the age of 35.

Since then, I have been on what I jokingly call the Scenic Route – letting curiosity and intuition lead me on the path less travelled, just to find out what else is out there that I do not know and am not aware of.

This has been my path of healing – it started from the head, and is slowly moving down into heart and soul, towards wholeness and integrity.

If this resonates and you would like to explore this in your own life, please DM me.

I would love to support you. xx