Why Letting Go = More Abundance

At the op shop where I work, we’ve been inundated by donations in the past two weeks.

My colleague and I were discussing this phenomenon as we surveyed the overflowing donation bin and cluttered back room where our volunteers sort and sift through bags of once-prized possessions.

“Of course, it’s Spring – people are decluttering their homes,” he concluded.

I look at the faces of people as they bring in crockery, clothing, shoes, kids’ toys, books, and ask if we accept them.

As soon as we say yes and they hand over their bags and boxes, there is a look of relief – and they walk out with a lighter step.

These are the things that once served a purpose in a season of their lives – and now that season is over.

By parting with what is no longer needed, they make room in their lives for a little emptiness – such a powerful antidote to a consumer culture – and give themselves room to breathe.

Some say that the donors are making room for more blessing and abundance to now flow into their lives.

Why not declutter a space or two – and enjoy the blessing of starting anew?

What one person no longer needs could be another person’s blessing