Why “their” success blueprint is not working for you

Have you ever bought an online product or signed up to a program because it spoke so accurately about your struggle that you felt the writer was reading your mind?

When they shared how they had been in the same situation only a few years ago, having it really tough and feeling stuck and overwhelmed and wondering why everyone else was succeeding except them, you felt “Finally, someone who gets it.”

When they then told you they had stumbled upon “the solution” and found the way out, and are now enjoying a successful and prosperous lifestyle, you got excited.

Especially when they confidently promised, “If I can do it, so can you”.

That’s when you got out your credit card…

Fast forward 3 years later.

You’ve given the product / program a good go and plenty of time to prove itself, but you are still missing something.

Why is it not working for me?

What’s wrong with me?

Maybe there’s nothing wrong with you.

Maybe the program works for them.

But you need a different path forward.

One that is aligned with your personality, your energy, your unique way of communicating and showing up in the world.

If the program requires you to find and talk to 100 friends and family, but you dread asking people for favours, even people you know…

If the product needs to be shared with as many people as possible, but you struggle to even pick up the phone to talk to one person…

If you are required to network widely but the thought of dressing up to go out and meet strangers and talk about your business fills you with dread and anxiety…

Your unconscious mind will do its best to protect you and keep you safe by any means possible: procrastination, excuses, impostor syndrome, self-sabotaging behaviours, limiting beliefs.

What you want is to develop your own way of getting to the same outcome, by taking a different route.

One that respects your temperament, flows with your energy, makes you feel glad and excited and on purpose.

Not what fits someone else’s temperament or energy or purpose.

“First, know thyself.”

Things will start to fall in place with less force and more flow once you have that internal clarity and conviction.

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