Why we need to be mindful of our words

“I will worry about that when the time comes.”

Ever heard someone answer this way when asked about a possible scenario that may arise?

Perhaps you, like me, have caught yourself saying it.

This is just one of many responses we are programmed to make automatically, because we are so used to hearing others say the same that it’s become the natural and accepted norm.

What if instead we took a moment to really think about what we are saying.

We might realize: “Hang on, did I actually instruct my unconscious mind to worry about something that has not yet happened, on the assumption that things will not work out in my favour and so the only appropriate response is to worry?”

The moment this realization hits us, we are now outside the picture frame – the observer, not just the player – which means we have a choice.

We can continue the same pattern, or we can ask if there is a better way to respond.

How about this —

“I will handle the situation beautifully when the time comes.”

How different does that feel now?

Words carry tremendous energy.

They have the power to tear down and to lift up.

Be conscious and intentional as you speak to yourself and others, because you are influencing your outcomes more than you know.