Why You Shouldn’t Give Up Yet

On your journey of career transition, it is a given that you will have days like this –

“Why do I bother?”

“Should I just give up and go back to getting a proper job?”

“I still haven’t succeeded after x years. Doesn’t this mean this is not the right path for me and I should stop dreaming?”

While I cannot tell you why you haven’t yet succeeded (because the answer is different for every person – and because there are so many layers of complexity involved), this one thing I know —

If you stop now, you will never get to find out what you could have accomplished.

You will stop the train of events that have been unfolding perfectly for your highest good and the good of others.

You will not be there to be of service when the person who first noticed you 7 years ago and wasn’t ready to work with you then, finally decides that they are ready to work with you now.

This last point alone, has been the most compelling reason for me to keep going.

I invite you to meditate on it and if you feel drawn, to share your thoughts with me here.

Keep your lamp burning – someone needs it to see by.