Zoom fatigue and the introvert

Scheduling four Zoom meetings today was probably overdoing it for an introvert.

By the third meeting, I struggled to stay present.

There is something about staring at a screen (even with blue light blocking glasses on) that wears out the eyes and the concentration level.

So what does an introvert do if they have to attend a lot of online meetings?

If you’re an attendee and you can get away with it, turn your camera off.

Not having to stare at yourself and others gives you a breather physically and mentally as you are not on show (the bane of the introvert). That relieves you of the pressure to perform, which in turn allows you to be yourself.

If you’re the host or facilitator, make sure you schedule in time before to practise some deep breathing, quiet time, yoga or meditation to ensure you are in the best possible physical and mental state.

I find a few downward dogs immensely helpful in clearing my mind just before I host an online event.

When you’ve signed off from the last meeting, remember to do something fun and rewarding, whatever that looks like to you.

Mine is reading something light and non-taxing on the brain, over a cuppa (kopi with condensed milk, which is how I liked to enjoy my coffee when we lived in Singapore).

How do you manage Zoom fatigue?

From my LinkedIn post of 2.6.2021.