How to activate your introvert energy

In our introvert Meetup community, we have a mantra that I like to start off our meetings with –

“You are responsible for the energy you bring into the room.”

This helps to set a strong positive intention for the interaction that follows, and also reminds people that they have a choice.

Just because you and I identify as introverts, ambiverts, INFJ’s, empaths, HSP’s or any other shade of introversion on the spectrum, does not limit our ability to show up powerfully and authentically as our highest and best selves.

We don’t have less energy just because we are introverted.

We simply get energized differently: from within ourselves, and not from our external environment, which is what makes us different from our extroverted colleagues.

We don’t have to hide, play small, or shrink to fit someone else’s expectations of how we should speak and act and be.

Day by day, begin activating your introvert energy —

  • Practise speaking out a little more often.
  • Assert your opinions with a little more force.
  • Ask for the sale more often.
  • Listen even more intently.

Use your quiet energy to bring your unique blend of balance, harmony, and integrity to your interactions and business transactions.

In a gentle way, each of us have the capacity to shake the world.

mahatma gandhi