How Will I Know If My Business Will Be Successful?

This is a common question I get asked by professional women who are seriously considering quitting their day job to go into business for themselves.

Then someone, maybe their spouse or relative or friend, asks this valid but troubling question, and they panic and decide maybe this is not the best time to make the move after all. Maybe they should postpone the dream, and just get on with their day job.

The short answer is: You don’t.

You will never know – without trying – if your business will succeed or fail.

But there is another aspect to this issue.

What is YOUR evidence of a successful business?

Is it about achieving a specific figure in sales?

Is it about reaching your state, country, the world, with your product?

Is it about making life better by solving a problem for others e.g. improving health, relieving stress, healing broken relationships?

Is it about lifestyle balance and flexibility (whatever that means for you)?

When you have taken the time to work out your own internal criteria for success, you may arrive at a very different answer.