How to be a Visible Introvert in 12 weeks

Your intentions were good.

You had set the goal.

You had read the book,

Bought the course,

You had even written down what you vowed to accomplish.

And then … like for most introverted professional women, the plan for achieving that goal … always looks way more achievable on paper than in real life. 

This isn’t a “you” problem by the way. It’s quite normal and experienced by many, and there’s one simple reason why:

The expectations we’re putting on ourselves are high, and when we continue to not get the results we want … the actual thoughts of “What is wrong with me???” grow louder and louder in our heads.

Sound familiar?

Yet there is absolutely nothing wrong with us – and we aren’t aiming too high, either.

Unleashing the Quiet Warrior within ourselves is a bit like planning the road trip of a lifetime … there are quite a number of things that seem to NEED to happen all at once.

And in order to bring your Quiet Achiever’s dreams to life, there’s a bit of choreography needed. It’s not hard, but it is layered … and just plain troubleshooting isn’t going to work.

This is why I created The Visible Introvert Academy, a 12-week guided pathway out of feeling unseen and unheard, into your own warm patch of light, where you can shine confidently and authentically, expressing your true self rather than who you think you should be.

Go here to find out if it’s for you.

If you prefer to hear all about it, Episode 52 of The Quiet Warrior Podcast is where to go.