Non-linear Is Beautiful

“Fear is a constant visitor on this unknown path, as my old world views drop away, and I learn to trust that life has my back.

For me, it has become about taking a continued risk and being comfortable with not knowing what will happen next.” – Daniel Solodky

The two biggest life lessons I’ve been gifted so far:

1) Life is non-linear, so let’s revise our expectations, and be open to scenic detours that present themselves.

2) Get good at embracing uncertainty and not knowing what’s next, because that is the essence and reality of life.

We are taught from young to worship the linear:

  • go step by step,
  • do what is sensible and logical,
  • don’t deviate from the prescribed path of our elders and role models,
  • make “realistic” choices,
  • discount / ignore other factors like what we are naturally wired to do, what we love to do, and what makes us most alive and joyful and passionate,
  • seek certainty and security by mitigating or eliminating risk through Plan B, C, D … and (my least favourite)
  • always be “careful”.

All it takes is one unplanned event – a recession, retrenchment, illness, accident, a mental health crisis, a pandemic – to jolt us into realizing that we were never in charge.

Certainty is an illusion. Here for a time, gone the next moment.

Instead of doing everything we can to predict, control, and avoid risks, let’s get good at riding the waves of uncertainty, variety, and adventure.